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David Petherick
I make people and organisations visible, legible and credible online.

That's my thing. That's the gig. I'm good at it.

I co-founded NewsBase in 1995, was the world's first Digital Biographer in 2007, and was first UK editor for The Next Web in 2009. I've been building web sites and doing SEO since before Google was around. Yep, 1996. The last millennium.

I have become a specialist in rewriting Linkedin Profiles and I consult on LinkedIn Marketing and broader Social Selling & Digital Marketing for savvy and fast-growing organisations across Europe and the US. I also speak on a number of topics - unerringly digital. You can hire me.

Whatever you want to discuss, I can offer you 10 minutes of my time for free.

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David's Testimonials

  • David’s friendly, assured advice provided a much-needed kick-start to making my LinkedIn profile work harder for my business. Very pleased by how much we covered in such a brief time; it’s an investment I’m definitely glad I made. - Paul Cockburn
  • David took a quick look at my LinkedIn profile and sent me several ideas to improve it. I subsequently set up a call with him where he went into much greater detail on how to really make the profile shine. After making his suggested changes my traffic has increased significantly. I highly recommend you reach out to David.  - Michael Hopkin
  • Since David made over my profile, not only have I been noticed more, but I have been commended on its appropriateness. Most of all, David is human; and he cares about getting it right. I have rarely felt so good giving a recommendation as I have for David. Oh, and be ready for the additional advice he throws in. - Marc Dhalluin
  • David helped me significantly improve my LinkedIn profile in a way that translated profile views into connections and new business. Everyone in LinkedIn could benefit from an objective assessment of their profile, particularly one as expert as David's. I strongly encourage you to sign up for one of David's profile enhancement options without delay! - Lynn Everatt
  • It's safe to say that David has a very strong grasp of personal branding. He was very quick to respond when I asked for his guidance with improving my LinkedIn profile, and I already feel more confident about my ability to acquire new contacts and generate new leads. Thanks a million! - Christian Abbas