Are you visible, legible and credible?

Are you visible, legible and credible?

David PetherickMy name’s David Petherick, Digital Biographer.

I make people and organisations visible, legible and credible online.

That’s my thing. That’s the gig. I’m good at it.

I co-founded NewsBase in 1995, was the world’s first Digital Biographer in 2007, and was first UK editor for The Next Web in 2009. These days, I am an expert in rewriting Linkedin Profiles for a living.

I am currently Marketing Manager at IC Filling Systems, improving the visibility, legibility and credibility online for this Italian maker of liquid filling systems.

If you’re in Edinburgh on Saturdays, why not try my Saturday Live Coffee Fix™ and enjoy a cup of coffee, and a live real-time refresh for your LinkedIn profile? If that day does not suit, or you are elsewhere, we can do it virtually. Check my live diary to make an appointment at I also offer free ten-minutes consultations – why not make an appointment now?

I speak reasonable Russian and some Spanish. I like things as far apart as Formula 1 and Scottish contemporary writing.

Call +44.7775.675.394

My tech-focused twitter account is @petherick personal is geekily @petherick_

Visible, legible and credible?